Starting a Freelance Writing Business

Ticklish Tomato Swiss Cheese Frogs or How To Manage Your Time

Setting up a freelance writing business is fun, scary, and nerve-wracking all at the same time. I love the business part of it – filling out paperwork to register the business, getting a new bank account for the business, thinking about a logo, creating a website.

The hard part is actually sitting down to write – a universal writer’s dilemma. I am actually lucky enough to really have the time to write, but there is definitely too much screwing around going on in this home office. By the time I look for writing gigs on various job boards, check my email, catch up on Facebook, read a few articles about becoming a better writer or freelance business person, the day is half over.

Discipline is the answer. I know that. The thing is – I don’t really have any. I need to set a schedule for myself and stick to it. HA – if it was only that easy! Just when I get into the groove of things it’s lunchtime, and then time for a walk. I need the food, I need the fresh air, what I really need is to start earlier so I can actually get something done before noon. I tell myself I will sit down as soon as I get home from the walk and write, but then it is – you know – afternoon!

Fortunately, there are many time-management methods that hopefully can help me. I found many, many methods, but let’s narrow it down to four:

How did I pick them? Well, just like choosing a bottle of wine because it has a cool label, I picked each method because I thought the name sounded cool!

THE PLAN – My plan is to try each method for one day next week and then pick the one that worked best for me.

There has to be something to this time-management thing because this blog post started out as a stream of consciousness post and has turned into a plan to keep me writing for every day next week!


2 thoughts on “Ticklish Tomato Swiss Cheese Frogs or How To Manage Your Time”

  1. I’ve long been a proponent of “Eat the frog” but didn’t know it had a name. The challenge for me, regardless of the technique, is making how to best use my time a conscious decision.


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